Global Catastrophe 2010-11 and Beyond

Location of Sri Lanka.

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It seems the busier I get, the less time a blog has to form in my head before it is pushed out by other thoughts/concerns/pressures/to-do lists.

But I’ve two days off, both of which have been full of getting stuff done, which is most excellent. And I got to sleep in to boot.

I love idioms.


First: I attended my first fat club meeting last night. Walking through the door was one of the most difficult things I’ve done. Sitting down in a room full of women, acknowledging my weight issue, and getting weighed…ouch. I very nearly gave in and left.

But I didn’t. And I am going to be in a bathing suit at the end of Feb, if not at my ideal weight, at least a bit smaller than I am at this moment.

So there.

But another thing weighs on my mind right now.

World catastrophe.

We’ve seen the “biblical” flooding in Australia. The flooding in Brazil, Wales, Sri Lanka and Tasmania. In Haiti. The dumping of snow in the North East United States.

And then the animals: millions of dead fish in Maryland, New Zealand, Arkansas, Chicago, and Brazil, and thousands of birds literally dropping dead mid-flight in Arkansas, Louisiana, California, Missouri, Alabama, Romania, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

That’s a whole lot of air and sea creatures falling dead within a very close time frame of each other, all over the world.

Scientists have come up with various reasons for different batches of these deaths: a truck killed a bunch in California, some power lines killed another bunch elsewhere.

Really? I mean, Really? We’re not seeing this as a global cause for concern, with some underlying, serious, issue?

Massive severe weather conditions worldwide, massive animal deaths worldwide, and there’s no connection at all?

I find that rather difficult to believe, folks.

I personally believe that we’re in a major turning point as a global community. One that will force us to deal with the destruction of our planet in order for us to survive as a species.

On that note:

I need to go get waxed.

Song: Holdin’ You by Gretchen Wilson

Book: Maye’s Request by Clifford Henderson