Calm down. It’s just your destiny.


I am sensitive. Yes, sometimes overly so. I cry at adverts, I cry at cartoons, I cry when I brush my teeth. But not much pisses me off. Really, if I were any more laid back I’d be in a coma.

There is one thing that irks me like nothing else, however:

Someone telling me to “calm down”, particularly when I’m happy or excited about something. There’s just something so patronizing about it. It’s like they’re telling you they know how you should be acting, that you’re acting inappropriately, that you’re a child.

Really, it makes me want to punch them in the face.

How’s that for calm?

There’s just something about being spoken down to that twists my knickers into knots. Not comfortable, I assure you.


Do you believe in destiny? Do you think there’s a master plan for you that you’re always working toward, even if you don’t know it?

Or are you just haphazardly flapping your way through life, pooping mid-air and emergency landing whenever you start to get sucked into a propeller?

If you do think you have a destiny, do you ever get to know what it is? Or do you make it happen and then kick the bucket, possibly without ever having a clue? Do some people have destinies but not others? Is there a destiny hierarchy? Are some people destined for greatness and others destined for…well, not greatness?

I watched a lovely movie recently, where the female main character was destined to be the change her clan needed to survive. Of course, she finds out and strives to overcome, etc.

I think we all hope for greatness. We all have dreams of being the best ever at something, where folks know our name and tell anecdotal stories about us for centuries to come. But how many people on the planet have that happen?

Your thoughts?

Song: The Other Side of the Kiss by Mindy McCready

Book: On Becoming a Fairy Godmother by Maitland

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