Saggy Panties

So, anyone who reads this blog often knows I’ve been on a weight loss journey since Jan of last year.

It’s been a damn slow process, and for the last sixteen weeks I’ve bounced around in the same weight frame, which is utterly frustrating.

But, one noticable fact remains:

My panties are saggy.

Like, because my butt was bigger, they stretched out or whatever. Now, they slide around and bunch under my trousers or jeans.

And it’s not terribly sexy looking like you’ve got a load in your panties because they’re sagging off your bum.

Just sayin’.

One aspect of the weight thing I’m considering is my antidepressants.

I went off them for a while to see if I felt different.

I did.

I had more energy, I was more focused, and I felt alert.

I also cried at every commercial for soap or diapers, and became quite moody. (Poor S).

So, I’m back on them, because crying in the biscuit aisle at the grocery store for no apparent reason and┬áscaring┬ásmall children isn’t a great thing.

But I’ve noticed that I’m hungrier now that I’m back on them, and they make me kind of…slow. Moderate zombieish.

Hungrier plus lethargic= not good.

I guess as long as my panties continue to be too big for me I’m on the right track though, right?

Book: Argonautica by Apollonius of Rhodes

Song: Escapade by Janet Jackson


14 thoughts on “Saggy Panties

  1. 1. New underwear is a cheap and easy pick-me-up, especially if you get it on sale. I’ve lost four inches off my waist over the last 6 months (awesome, but I’m still pretty damn round). I’d been wearing my baggy old drawers out of habit, but today I’ve got on new camo-print boxer-briefs that fit, and feeling very swank! :D

    2. I really feel your pain in the question of whether to medicate or not to medicate. Feeling like a lethargic zombie isn’t a whole lot more enticing that crying in the biscuit aisle. I was on antidepressants a few years ago, and found I reacted much better to one type (buproprone) than I did to the standard SSRIs. It might be worth asking your doctor if trying a different class of drug is something to consider.

    Hope you find something every day to make you happy.

    • 1. Something I’m looking forward to when we go shopping in the states next month! And how FRIGGING awesome that you’ve lost like that–you should be totally proud.
      2. exactly. I’ll check with the doc soon.

      Right back atcha, Nezu. Always glad to have your words here.

  2. I was amytriptiline for pain relief (however you actually spell it) for about 3 months last year and pile on a stone and a half. For the same reason lethargy+insatiable hunger. I got up one morning and ate a full box of cereal. A whole frikkin’ box on my own. Another day I was in town, ordered and ate two steaks. It was ridiculous.

    I came off of them because I couldn’t string two thoughts together. I slept often for 16 hours or more a day. And Rosie got sick to her tonsils of having a complete uninterested in sex zombie for a girlfriend. The sad part is that they helped a lot with my pain levels. But that said I do feel better without them.

    It’s taken me since August to lose 6 inches off of my waistline. I have another 4 to go before I’m back to my proper size and happy again. Thankfully I haven’t lost my bum jiggle though. But the saggy panties really are a pain, especially when you tend to wear clothing that’s figure hugging, but not exactly tight, AND you rely on two pairs of panties that are now too big to keep various bits in check.

    Looking like I dropped a deuce, embarressing not so bad. Looking like I have a black pudding in my skirt tends to cause comment.

    • I’ve been on Ami as well, and hated it. It gave me headaches and made me even more zombieish. But that’s the amount I feel like I could eat now.
      It’s a terrible trade off, isnt it?

      LMAO. Exactly. :)

  3. I don’t even know you and I dreamt about you last night – we were at the gym. Isn’t that weird?

    I went off my antidepressants, too. It’s been about 8 weeks I think (maybe a little longer). I just stopped crying and being moody about a week ago. Every time I ask Tony if he thinks I should go back on them (usually right after I ask “Do you love me?), he answers the same way he would if I asked if he thought I looked fat (which I would never ask). I’ve lost five pounds (over a three week period).

    Sadly, my panties are not saggy. :-(

    • LOL. That is strange. Were we enjoying the gym?

      Ah. So maybe I just needed to wait it out before going back on them…And I do think it contributed to my weight loss when I was off them. *sigh*

      But they will be. Especially if you’re even dreaming about the gym. :)

  4. Vic you are loved, admired and respected for the wonderful, caring person you are no matter what size clothing you wear. Thank you for your great blogs and musings, they have brightened my days, made me see some things in a different light and at times made me feel a bit less lonely.

    • Lyndia, you are so, so sweet. I love that you read my blog. Will you be going to the BSB event in California in March? I bet you’d absolutely love it. And you know how much we love having you.

      You’re never alone. We’re always just a click away.

      • Hi Vic, unfortunately not able to make it to Palm Springs but will definitely be at the Nottingham event later this year! Looking so forward to it. I’m sure you will have an awesome time and I wish I could be there.

  5. horray for baggie grundies! I hope you’re feeling a little happier inside now that you’re back on them? Have you talked to your doc? Is there another brand you can try? xx

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