Warning: Connections in Progress

Utter destruction takes place right behind me, the high-pitched shattering of tiles and groaning splintering of wood the background music to my day.

Be that as it may, life must go on around, above, through it all.


My MA thesis was on the rhizome–the concept that all things are connected somehow, and the moment an idea starts it spreads exponentially, so much so that eventually it’s almost impossible to trace the web back to its origin.

Such is my life right now.

I met an editor five years ago in California, and asked her how to go about getting work as an editor. She explained to me, in her gentle, Kiwi accent, that it’s a Devil Wears Prada kind of thing, where you have to beg your way in the door, and then scrape your way up.

Five years later, I’m putting on a conference for that same publishing house in England, enjoying editing and meeting some amazing authors.

And lately I’ve been making contacts I never would have thought of, and suddenly my worlds are colliding (my worlds, as well as S’s, which is interesting). We hang out with women who write, and also happen to play football, and who also happen to go to the university I want to do my PhD at, who also happen to work with the professor whom I want to work with, who also happen to know the writing folks at Left Lion, who also happen to know some writing groups I might be interested in….and so forth.

This is also having a totally unexpected and delightful benefit: community. I’ve not been a part of one since I was a child, growing up among my mother’s lesbian friends. Now, we’re being invited to various social gatherings, lesbian, football and writing, and that’s just so cool. Now we just have to find the energy and time to enjoy this new fruitfulness.

And I’m thinking that when you’re on the right path, the Universe throws so many good things in your way, you cant help but know you’re heading in the right direction. The signs are there, if you only watch for them and don’t exist on autopilot.

Hello, gift-horse. I will be avoiding your mouth, thank you very much.

Book: Santa Olivia by Jaqueline Carey

Song: Realize by Colbie Caillat

6 thoughts on “Warning: Connections in Progress

  1. I LOVE the way the universe works … but then, i’ve always felt very lucky in the way my world has turned out, the way things align when they need to. Even when everything turns upside down, I still end up benefiting from it in the long run. But I wonder; those whose lives don’t turn out quite as nicely, who experience unavoidable tragedy over and over again, what about them? Will their lives eventually balance? Does the happiness i’ve experienced mean that I’m still in the queue for the bad stuff? This comment turned out an awful lot more philosophical than I meant it to!

    • I love getting philosophical!

      I dont know if it’s fate, or lessons that need to be learned, or just taking a turn on the karma coaster, but I dont think people can be blamed for the bad crap that happens (unless it’s something they’ve personally had a hand in creating). My family history is littered with bad choices that stem from terrible situations–perhaps that’s the key, thinking about it–it’s the choices that we make while faced with those terrible situations that make us stronger and can lead to a better path….

      or not. :)

      and I think that good and bad come randomly, not necessarily at prescribed times. So it could be there’s no bad stuff waiting in your queue. :)

    • Have you seen the new Matt Damon flick – Adjustment bureau? take a look…it will raise a lot of questions. I’ve always wondered if our lives have been pre-designed…or have our paths drawn already before taking our first steps or even is that path created as we lead our lives according to what we believe is correct.
      after watching that film, those questions resurfaced – i can’t stop thinking about it (ok, i am over exaggerating) but really…something to ponder…

      • I haven’t, but with that recommendation, I will. :) And I’ll let you know what I think, so we can have some really deep and ponderific discussion about it! Have you read the Celestine Prophesy?

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